Twenty-One-Gun Salute         


Twenty-One-Gun Salute is one woman's account of how, at a
very tender age, while enduring a painful disability, her childhood
innocence was stolen from her by a close family member. The
beloved patriarch of her family and World War I veteran's
honorable send-off signaled her release from a horrifying five-
year prison term of sexual molestation, with a fear-filled heart as
her cell mate. With tear-stained cheeks and a deep sigh of relief,
she watched the uniformed men lifting their rifles to honor a man
whose secrets of molesting an innocent child would be buried
with him, while the sound of gunfire pounded her eardrums. She
was nine years old. Leaving Arlington National Cemetery that
day, little did she realize that her torment was not yet over. Years
later, a "spiritual phenomenon" would bring about a deep healing.


 .This book is dedicated to all abused and broken hearts, whether found and healing or still searching.

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Matthew 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


                                                       K.F. Stewart Eldest Daughter-One Month Old                                       

                                                                                   Author K.F.Stewart with eldest daughter (1979)                                                                             Author K.F.Stewart  2005

K.F.Stewart resides in Tennessee. She is the joyful mother of 10 children and grandmother of 6. Her deepest hope is that her story will help those who share similar experiences. Aside from her personal memoirs in Twenty-One-Gun Salute, she has written a children's book that teaches important lessons on being safe around strangers as well as personal body safety titled, "The Magical Dolphins Safety Adventure".

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